About Us

Our Vision

Utilising the power of sport and the vehicle of Southend United Football Club to have a positive influence on people’s lives.

Our Mission

To have engaged with 1-million people through the brand of Southend United Football Club by 2026.

We tackle the many complex issues facing our local community, from poverty, diabetes, isolation, bullying, anti-social behaviour, poor education, low self-esteem and so much more. We implement community and education focused programmes and solutions that make a real difference.

Our services are vast, from sports lessons within schools (not just football) to IT lessons for the elderly. We run volunteering programmes and training courses from entry-level qualifications up to Degree level. We organise regular outings for our Senior Shrimpers and we arrange for players at SUFC to make motivational visits to various organisations including schools, holiday camps and celebration events. The list goes on…

Our team works tirelessly to inspire people to achieve their potential.

Our Values

Listen & Learn

To listen to our communities and respond to local needs.

Community Cohesion

Promote diversity, tolerance and equality throughout the organisation and its delivery mechanisms.
Develop social capacity through learning and understanding.

Wellbeing & Health

Providing opportunities for people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds to access affordable and relevant physical activity.

Inspire Sport

Through extensive partnership working and aligning local, regional and national policy and strategies.

Aspire Education

Raising aspirations through innovation of education, training and skills development.

Engage Club

Utilising the brand of football and Southend United, player visits and match tickets for the purpose of positive engagement.