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Local NHS scheme ‘Therapy for You’ highlights the importance of mental health.

Therapy For You is a local NHS service for Southend, Castle Point and Rochford. Southend United Community & Educational Trust (SUCET) have combined with the service to offer an exercise-based group at Roots Hall, designed to help people manage and overcome their mental health difficulties. Through regular exercise, the group aims to help people overcome the psychological barriers to physical activity they may be experiencing and introduce exercise at an initially low level.

The session previously ran for five weeks and was shortened to a four-week programme during the pandemic as delivery transferred to online platforms. Thanks to technology, SUCET are still able to reach the local community in the comfort of their households and make a positive, lasting impact on individuals lives.

Data and feedback gained from previous participants showed individuals described the course as beneficial and found the overall experience to be supportive. All participants reported the course enabled them to become more active and work towards their personal goal(s) by challenging and changing unhelpful habits. Other notable benefits were; gained knowledge surrounding their own mental health, and improved physical health, quality of sleep and confidence.

If you think yourself, or anyone you know would benefit from ‘Therapy for You’ please contact Zac Smith on [email protected] or call 01702 341351 for further information.

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